Samsung is King

With more and more innovative stuffa gushing up, samsung really is impresaing me with mobile stuffa and the google updatea are up to the mark too.
Parellel to great already existing apple iOS and also crossing the race with a great speed,Android is making its own way in to the galaxy with much noticeable improvements and designs.
Its game of design ans smooth appeal and i totally feel samsung is here to stay for a lot more time.


Screen shot of my galaxy S III with new upgrade 4.1.2 and which is superb indeed.

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Are We Shuffling from one galaxy to another?


From Quite a bit, was wondering and observing and just got a new interest in universe…probably due to 2012 world end phenomena…!
No, i’m not interested and also beliver on such things..just a thought emerged in me….while hearing all these…going with references that the universe is made up of or rather consists of billions of galaxies….if that is true…every galaxy might not needed to have an earth…so because we havn’t found one yet other than ours.

So my weirdness questions my curiousity as are we all in such a atom like isotopic galaxies…and that there are billions of galaxies….so makes the thoughts a way to run for the link that there may be so many earths undiscovered,not-imagined and with pleasant or unpleasant nature of existence.

So i put it this way, we are all human beings, but going by newton’s law, every action, has equal and opposite reaction. So if one dies on the earth the soul they say never fades away but i imagine it , same as smoke….it gets evaporated…

Goes up in the air…and mixes with other smokes…here i mean, it travels from one medium of galaxy to another via smoke…and thus…makes the question very much relavant…that are we also being born in different earths , various other galaxies…and with another forms?

Is it possible?
May be its my theory right or wrong…not debatable but a thought that makes dreams believable….as they also say….life is “whatever you believe it is”

Leaving you with Just out of the world thought…
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This is something different i tried to put here…:)


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